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Summer Whale Watching Season Starts June 24

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Whale Watching Report 2016

DateMorning CruiseNotes
06/27/20161 Blue Whale, 6 Bottlenose Dolphins

Guests on board the Admiral today were greeted by calm seas and a light marine layer. Not only were the conditions great, but sightings included a distant look at approximately six offshore Bottlenose Dolphins and several looks at a magnificent adult Blue Whale. Though this whale opted not to show its tail flukes when sounding, it did surface fairly close to our vessel just as the sun peeked through…..allowing everyone to see the beautiful turquoise glow for which this animal is named.


Cruise cancelled.

06/25/20161 Blue Whale, 1 Mola Mola, 300 Common Dolphins

Saturday was a great day to be out on the ocean. Lots of Sea Lions in the harbor and in the bait barges. Then nice and cool with cloud cover starting about two miles out. We had a very good crew and Captain Ernesto. We saw a pod of about 300 Common Dolphins about 8 miles straight west. Then a Mola Mola .
Then we saw a Blue Whale at eleven miles. It surfaced three separate times and stayed on the surface for about 6-9 blows each time. And it was only about 100 to 300 feet from our boat. Nice and close enough for very good viewing. To top or "tail" it off, we had three excellent full flukes. This Blue was diving straight down and the 25 foot wide fluke was awesome!!!! Plus the whale seemed to be in slow motion as it gracefully arches it's back for the dive and thus a full fluke at the end that was fully extended!! This whale was in the same approximate location as the one this crew saw Friday. Saw the same pod of dolphins on the way in. Great trip.

06/24/20161 Blue Whale, 400 Common Dolphins, 50 Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins

What a fabulous start to the Summer Whale Watching season! Under calm seas and overcast skies, on our way out to the nine mile bank, we encountered 400 Common Dolphins playfully leaping, jumping, bow riding along side the Hornblower. Then, in the distance we saw a blow or two. It was a Blue Whale, the largest mammal on earth. We stayed nearby, could hear its loud exhales and watched it fluke its tail! On the way back in we went by about 50 Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins. Seldom do you see so many at one time. Excellent trip on the water!

Gray Whale Drone Video

Using a drone, a Southern California photographer captured breathtaking video Wednesday of several whales off the coast of La Jolla.

Photographer Sandy Rich said the drone footage was shot near Windansea Beach. It shows at least three whales – likely gray whales – making their way across the ocean.

As the whales swim and the drone circles overhead, the whales encounter several dolphins.

Gray whales tend to stay within coastal waters. When they migrate during the winter, the mammals tend to stay within six miles of the coastline, moving further out as the summer begins.