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Humpback Whales Protect Other Species From Orcas!

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Scientists have discovered that humpback whales occasionally act in an altruistic manner — actively protecting not just their calves, but also seals, sea lions, other whales, and even a mola mola (ocean sunfish) from predatory attacks by orcas. What’s behind this altruistic behavior? Click on the link below to find out about a recently published scientific paper that summarizes more than 100 documented instances (many witnessed during commercial whale watching trips) of this fascinating behavior.


Gray Whale Drone Video

Using a drone, a Southern California photographer captured breathtaking video Wednesday of several whales off the coast of La Jolla.

Photographer Sandy Rich said the drone footage was shot near Windansea Beach. It shows at least three whales – likely gray whales – making their way across the ocean.

As the whales swim and the drone circles overhead, the whales encounter several dolphins.

Gray whales tend to stay within coastal waters. When they migrate during the winter, the mammals tend to stay within six miles of the coastline, moving further out as the summer begins.