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San Diego Whale Watching Report Day 3: Dolphins & Whales were Everywhere!

Day three of the San Diego Whale Watching season what spectacular as usual.  In the morning we saw 6 gray whales, 300 dolphins.  In the afternoon, we saw 500 dolphins, 3 gray whales, and one of the nuclear submarines. There also were great cloud formations and the ocean turned out to be very flat and calm. We found the 3 gray whales up off La Jolla and followed them back down the coat.

There were also many Sea Lions scattered throughout the trip as we cruised through the North Harbor and out to sea.

In addition, we had the nicest people, many of whom were from Europe, Japan, Colorado, Illinois and the East Coast!!  All in all, it was a very pleasant day for everyone with some great sightings of marine life.

(Photos courtesy of the Nat Whalers).