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Video of Gray Whale Breaching

This exciting video shows a gray whale breaching 3 times off San Diego coast during San Diego Whale Watching trip on Christmas eve 12/24/2013. The video was taken by  9-year veteran naturalist, Laurie Hinckley, trained by the San Diego Natural History Museum. The gray whale breached 3 times and was captured beautifully on this youtube video. Whale Watching season in San Diego is going on now through April.  From Wikipedia: Breaching or Whale surfacing behaviour is often unique among marine mammals and marine life in general. Various behaviours such as breaching, porpoising, lobtailing, and others are heavily documented in both scientific literature on cetaceans and in the popular imagination. A breach or a lunge is a leap out of the water also known as cresting. The distinction between the two is fairly arbitrary: cetacean researcher Hal Whitehead chooses to define a breach as any leap in which at least 40% of the animal’s body clears the water, and a lunge as a leap with less than 40% clearance.Qualitatively, a breach is a genuine jump with an intent to clear the water, whereas a lunge is the result of a fast upward-sloping swim, perhaps as a result of feeding, that has caused the whale to clear the surface of the water unintentionally.