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San Diego Whale Report for Jan. 6-12, 2014


Morning Cruise

Afternoon Cruise



5 gray whales

12 gray whales, 100 common dolphin

AM: We saw a total of 5 gray whales this morning, with 1 breech.

PM: We were 3 miles off Sunset Cliffs and saw 6 gray whales. All together we ended up seeing 12 gray whales and lots of flukes. The common dolphin also gave us a great show.


15 gray whales, 25 common dolphin

No whales, 5-6 common dolphin

AM: We had a great crowd and saw many of our friendly sea lions throughout the day. We came upon an unusual site of gray whales in an enormous tangle. They were rolling over one another and flipping their tails. This gray whale mating behavior is complex, and frequently involves 3 or more whales of mixed sexes.

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PM: The afternoon excursion was very different… A fog bank came over Point Loma and the fog stayed with us all afternoon.


11 gray whales, 50 common dolphin, some pacific white sided dolphins & 1 mola mola

8 gray whales, many sea lions

AM: Lots of tail flukes. Everyone was very pleased.

PM: We followed 12 gray whales, some moved rather close to the boat. A large group of sea lions entertained our guests.


6 gray whales, 50 common dolphin

6 gray whales, 1,000 common dolphin

AM: We saw 6 gray whales and about 50 common dolphins.

PM: We had the opportunity to be quite close to 5 whales, with several in the distance. The friendly whales gave our guests a thrill! One whale exhibited some strange behaviors. It swam mostly on the surface with little deep diving and showed its tail flukes a great deal of the time. We believe it was a juvenile.


4 gray whales

9 gray whales, 2 bottlenose

AM: 4 gray whales (one was juvenile.)

PM: 9 gray whales (one was juvenile), three of the grays were showing mating behavior with one breaching 10 times; also some spy-hopping.  Very exciting cruise!


12 gray whales, 60 common dolphin

12 gray whales, 200 common

Am: We had 12 whales and about 60 common dolphin. We also had 5 breaches from separate whales!

PM: We again had 12 whales and about 200 common dolphins! A great day full of spectacular views and happy guests.


7 gray whales, 60 common dolphin

6 gray whales

AM: Beautiful, clear, calm day with an almost non-existent swell.  Captain Nick did a superb job of giving all the guests some great views of 7 gray whales. And, there were even more spouts off the in distance.  We were also very fortunate to encounter about 60 common dolphins that always make everyone very happy when they swim so close to the boat, hugging our bow and surfing at the stern.

 PM: Another lovely, sunny afternoon. Guests onboard from Denver and Chicago were all defrosting and enjoying our beautiful San Diego sunny afternoon whale watching cruise. Although we had a slight offshore breeze, you couldn’t ask for a nicer day. The Los Coronados Islands were as clear as if they were one mile away instead of 12.  We even saw some big splashes out there which told us that a whale had breached 3 times offshore. Not to worry, we had other whales just waiting for us, slowly swimming along, sometimes just ever so slightly diving. While those deeper dives showed off those beautiful flukes for that perfect photo. We saw a total of 6 whales this afternoon and a beautiful pink sky as we made our way back to the dock.