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Hornblower Cruises spots First Gray Whale Calf of the Season on Whale Watching

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Hornblower Captain Richard Goben phoned Tuesday afternoon from the whale watching cruise to report that he sighted a female Gray Whale and its newborn calf from Adventure Hornblower. “I believe this is the first of the whale watching season”, he said. And yes, it is! (photo by Rich Goben)

Whale Report- for Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014 by Mike Stewart Whale Naturalist from San Diego Natural History Museum.

On any one day, I can’t say enough about the great crowds of people from all over the world that take Hornblower Cruises. 

We had a wonderful day on the water watching 3 gray whales and being entertained by two large pods of dolphins at the beginning and end of the trip. We also watched the bottlenose dolphins being trained by navy personnel. We saw many of our friendly sea lions out about 5 miles off the coast.


It was a great visit from the common dolphin population. some 300 commons visited up along our way. We headed South West to just above the Mexico – American border and found a friendly gray whale. Then we had the pleasure of seeing a baby gray with its mother, heading south, and very probably a very new birth. The spouts from the baby were very small. The mother would travel slowly in a shallow dive directly under the baby supporting the calf near the surface. In this way the mother will teach its baby to breath correctly and protect it from predators. 

mother gray and calf

Thank you Captain Goben and Mike Stewart