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San Diego Whale Watching Report for Jan. 15, 2014

 Zach's Gray Whale breach

San Diego Whale Watching Report for 1/15/14 by Captain Eric Gustafson from Hornblower Cruises

(photo by Zach)

Route:  Hornblower dock to coastal area off Point Loma to border and return to dock

Weather:  Smooth seas, warm, mostly clear.

Guest Services:  AM: 12 Gray whales, lots of flukes, 1 up close breach!

PM: 10 Gray whales, 30 common dolphin, lots of tail flukes.

Great guest comments on both trips.

About Breaching: Breaching is among the most spectacular of cetacean behaviors that you might observe because it involves the cetacean emerging partially or fully from the water. During a breach, the whale, dolphin or porpoise launches itself headfirst into the air and then falls back down to the water (often with quite a splash). The smaller cetaceans such as dolphins and porpoises can launch their entire bodies out of the water but larger cetaceans (for example, whales) usually emerge only part of their body during a breach. (Taken from and reprinted  from Understanding Whale and Dolphin Behavior, By