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San Diego Whale Watching Report for January 24 – January 29


Morning Cruise

Afternoon Cruise



3 gray whales

3 gray whales, 1 gray whale calf

AM: 3 gray whales, all adults

PM: Several people asked about the stray gray whale calf that had been seen in the Bay. At the very end of the cruise, when we were already headed for the dock, Captain Bill got a radio message that the calf had been spotted off North Island. He turned around, and we did see the calf, which looked really small. No blow, just sticking its head out a few times, and showing its back.

That was exciting, but many people were concerned whether someone would “rescue” and feed the calf.


7 gray whales, 20 common dolphin, 6 pacific white sided dolphin

7 gray whales, 1 bottlenose dolphin

AM: We followed 3 very active gray whales for some time.  They were slapping, spy hopping, and breached twice!  Also saw 2 rolling around, possibly courtship.  Pacific white-sided dolphins in amongst the whales. Several breaches this morning!

PM: Followed a pod of 5-6 traveling together, heading south – fluking and spouting in sequence.  Saw one rolling at the surface. Awesome!


2 gray whales

3 gray whales

AM: We followed 2 gray whales for most of the trip. A lot of head splashing, fluking, and spy hopping.

PM: We had the opportunity to see 1 gray whale breach up close, which all the guest got to see. Amazing trip!


5 gray whales, 200 common dolphin, 2 pacific white sided dolphin, sea lions

Single gray whale

AM: Hazy weather, calm seas. We saw 2 adult gray whales going south. Flukes and snorkeling. 200 common dolphin and 2 pacific white sides were seen. Occasional sea lions and one swimming with a grey whale. Good passenger patronage.

PM: 3 separate gray whale sightings, all heading south–2 juvenile, 1 adult. Snorkeling, one fluke. Lots of boating activity and a low flying hydroplane making the whales cautious. One reported sighting of a juvenile in the bay as we were heading toward the dock.


11 gray whales

4 gray whales, some pacific bottlenose dolphin

AM: Another fabulous day out on the water, with warm, sunny weather and calm seas. We saw a total of 11 gray whales, including one group of four. Unfortunately we didn’t find any dolphins but everyone had a great time watching our wonderful grays.

PM: The excellent viewing conditions continued into the afternoon. A couple of Pacific bottlenose dolphins escorted us almost to the mouth of the bay, bow-riding on the pressure wave created by the boat’s forward motion. Once we got out on the open ocean, we quickly spotted a group of three adult gray whales traveling together and we spent a considerable amount of time observing them. Turning back to the north, we found a single juvenile gray moving slowly south and watched it for a bit before turning back toward home after another wonderful day out on the water.


3 gray whales

10 gray whales

AM: Sea was in good form. We saw 2 juvenile gray whales going south and one adult gray whale. We followed them for about 40 minutes.

PM: Followed 2 adult gray whales for about 30 minutes that were seen right away at buoy number 1. Soon after, 2 more adult gray whales appeared. Moved about a mile and found two more. Then moved two miles and found a pod of 4 gray whales. Great show and very close!

(2 were really large female whales, one male and one juvenile)

On the way in we saw about two or three whales in the distance that gave us a show of 10 breaches.  Great finale.