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San Diego Whale Watching Report for 2/13-2/19

San Diego Whale Report 2014 Season


Morning Cruise

Afternoon Cruise



3 gray whales

2 gray whales, 25 pacific white sided dolphin

AM: We found a calf pair headed south. The calf did a dive, so it was not a newborn and breached 2 times in a row, 100 yards from the boat! Good visibility.

PM: Followed 2 adults heading south. Lots of blows and flukes. We then came across 25 Pacific white sided dolphins. Several bow-riding the boat to the delight of the passengers!


3 gray whales

4 gray whales

AM: We had 3 gray whales, one pair and a single. Two were juveniles and one was an adult.

PM: Saw 4 gray whales total. All southbound. The first two were observed at San Diego Buoy #1. They appeared to be both adult whales.

During this cruise, there was heavy Navy traffic in the area. The first of three submarines and the first of two navy missile cruisers. Various helicopters.
The second two were juveniles and were spotted along the kelp beds about three miles south of Point Loma. The whales remained on a straight course and we were able to observe them for at least 45 minutes or more. They stayed together as they went south.

At the entrance to San Diego harbor was the second submarine and another navy cruiser. The whales acted by spy hopping twice and breaching twice. We assumed the whales needed to see the various ships near them and in their path. So the whales headed more Southwest. We were lucky that they came so close to us and gave us a great view.
On our way back toward the Harbor, a third submarine surfaced about 400 yards from our stern. It was awesome! In the bay we saw one the subs
transferring their crew to a tugboat while another crew boarded. The sub was turned around and pointed out of the harbor.


1 gray whale, 10 common dolphin

2 juvenile gray whales, 12 common dolphin

AM: 2 miles off SD buoy 1 for single gray whale 10 common dolphin.

PM: 2 miles off Hill Street we saw a pair of juvenile gray whales. We also saw 12 common dolphins.


4 gray whales

2 gray whales, 1 fin back whale

Great day out on the bay! The fin back whale was great to watch and absolutely magnificent!


5 gray whales, 50 pacific white sided dolphin

3 gray whales, 50 common dolphin

AM: 4 adult gray whales and 1 juvenile. 1 blow of a fin back whale in the distance. We also saw 50 pacific white sided dolphins

PM:  3 juvenile gray whales south bound and 50 common dolphin


2 grays both juvenile

6 total whales: 4 south bound gray whales, all adult and lots of tail flukes. 2 north bound whales too

AM: Lovely, sunny morning, clear skies and great visibility. Adventure Hornblower found 2 gray whales not very far offshore, heading south on their migration. Judging by their size and meandering behavior the volunteers and captain decided they must be sub-adults, juvenile whales trying to figure out if they wanted to go all the way to the lagoons of Baja, Mexico or hang around offshore San Diego like other travelers defrosting from many areas of the world not having our fantastic weather.

PM cruise: What a delight as these clear skies and calm seas make everyone’s voyage enjoyable. Time to sit back on deck, have a snack or beverage and watch the ocean waves roll on by. We were not too far offshore, in the vicinity of Buoy No. 1, when we spotted 4 strong blows. What a sight! 4 mature gray whales traveling very close together. Their dives were synchronized so that everyone on board got excellent photos of those magnificent flukes as they dove. After watching these whales for a while, Captain Nick decided to head offshore to see if possibly we might encounter some fin or humpback whales. But we didn’t go very far (less than 5 miles) when we spotted blows up ahead and were delightfully surprised to see that they were 2 gray whales and that they were heading north on their migration. These were the first northbound whales of our 2014 season and we were all thrilled to explain that part of the journey of these gray whales to guests from as close as South Park, San Diego to Staten Island, New York to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Another fantastic whale watching adventure with Hornblower Cruises. Thanks, Captain Nick.