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San Diego Whale Watching Report for 2/20-2/26

San Diego Whale Report 2014 Season


Morning Cruise

Afternoon Cruise



6 gray whales, 40 common dolphin and pacific white sided dolphin


5 gray whales, 20 common dolphin around the bay


AM:  The morning crew saw 6 northbound gray whales including a mother and calf.  Pacific white-sided dolphins were also seen on the morning cruise and all within 2-3 miles of land.

PM:  The afternoon cruise was just as exciting and we had many passengers who had escaped the “polar vortex” that continues to grip the northern parts of the U.S.  The sun shined brightly on the guests from Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois Michigan, Wisconsin and also Germany and Belgium.  We saw both north and south bound whales in the afternoon and the southbound whales showed us a breach, some spy-hopping and even some “courtship” behavior.  The two northbound whales were on the move to get back to the feeding grounds.  The stop at the bait docks gave passengers views of the sea lions, egrets, cormorants and brown pelicans.  Captain Nick and crew led us back home to the dock and we all had a nice relaxing day on the water.  Calm seas and sunshine.  We are truly blessed.


 12 gray whales and 100 common dolphin

Pod of 7 gray whales

AM: 12 gray whales and 100 common dolphin

PM:  We had a pod of 7 wonderful huge gray whales coming from Mexico.  We noticed blows in the distance and got close enough to hear them breathe for our entire time out at the 9 mile bank.  Seeing 7 gray whales together, spouting and sometimes fluking, one after another is an exciting sight.  We see large numbers like this much more often on the North-bound migration, which now has definitely started.
They gave us a spectacular showing!


2 gray whales

3 gray whales, 100 common dolphin

AM:  2 gray whales seen today.  The first was shy, zig-zagging all over heading south.  The second was comfortable with the boat staying near the surface, snorkeling and heading south as well.            .

PM:  A beautiful calm day with fluffy clouds.  A group of at least 30 common dolphins greeted us on the way out to an awesome mating of two gray whales surrounded by 50 bottlenose dolphins which we could clearly hear breathing.


6 gray whales, 75 common dolphin and pacific white sided dolphin

3 gray whales, 200 common dolphin

Both trips were successful with many whales and many dolphins. We saw some great shows!


One pair of gray whales, 20 common dolphin


5 gray whales

AM:  There were 2 gray whales that swam in all directions.  They appeared to be mating part of the time.  We saw many blows and some tail flukes as they seemed to be swimming in circles.  We also saw about 10 common dolphins that stopped by for a quick play in the bow and stern waves.  The water was calm and everyone enjoyed their views of the whales.

PM:  We came across 5 gray whales that were mating. Lots of great views.  Passengers were very excited.


2 gray whales, 20 pacific white sided dolphin, 20 common dolphin

6 gray whales, 30 pacific white sided dolphin

AM:  We saw a nice pair of southbound gray whales and later on in the cruise a pair of northbound juveniles.

PM:  We saw 3 pairs of gray whales during this cruise


No sightings

4 gray whales, 20 common dolphin

AM:  Large swells, no sightings of whales.  Returned to dock early. 

PM:  Great sightings of 2 adults and 2 calves, about 20 common dolphins.