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San Diego Whale Watching Report for 2/27 – 3/5

San Diego Whale Report 2014 Season
February 27 – March 5


Morning Cruise

Afternoon Cruise



3 gray whales

1 finback whale, 2 juvenile gray whales


 AM:  We saw 3 amazing northbound gray whales preparing to mate.  Everyone was very excited.

PM:  We saw one finback whale up close as well as 2 juvenile gray whales.


9 gray whales, 6 pacific white sided dolphin

3 gray whales, 6 bottlenose whale

 AM:  We saw 6 gray whales in a group. We soon after came across 3 individual gray whales and one breached 4 times!

PM:  It had been a clear sunny day for both cruises.  We saw 3 gray whales with erratic behavior, diving after one blows, reappearing in zig-zag fashion.  There were also a few sea lions and dolphins out and about.


1,000-2,000 common dolphin, risso’s dolphin, 7 gray whales and 3 calf’s

4 finback whales, 2 gray whales

 AM:  It was a clear beautiful day on the Pacific Ocean this morning.  It was a little choppy and windy as Captain Bill headed the Adventure out to the 9 mile bank, but it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of finding a mega-pod of 1,000 to 2,000 common dolphins about six miles out.  There were many mother/calf pairs, and a report of some risso’s dolphin in the mix.  We think we saw blows of Fin whales, because when we got to where we saw the blows there were no whales.  We did finally find a very elusive north bound gray before we had to head back in.

PM:  Was a little choppier and windier making it more difficult to spot blows,  but this time the Fin whales were a little more cooperative.  One of the four we saw put on spectacular show as it swam near us showing off its tall blow and huge back from blowhole to dorsal fin as it came to the surface five separate times.  As we neared SD1 on our return we spotted a south bound grey, and a few minutes later a north bound grey showed up.


Whale Watching canceled due to weather


Whale Watching canceled due to weather


4 gray whales, 1 juvenile

3 gray whales, 2 juvenile

Another great day on San Diego Bay!  Even with the expected bad weather approaching us.


9 adult gray whales, 1 juvenile and 2 calf’s

3 adult gray whales, 3 juveniles, 3 sea lions, 4 common dolphin

 AM:  Went to mile bank to spot whales and observed a larger group of gray whales that were all north bound.  It was a group of 9 adults, 2 calf and cow/mom pairs, and one juvenile.  We were able to follow this group and observe for quite some time and see one breach!

PM:  We again headed out to nine mile bank and cruised north.  We were able to get fairly close to the two adults and soon saw another single adult fairly close by.  On the way in we saw a juvenile at the one mile buoy area and a couple smaller spouts.  We did see 3 random sea lions roaming around.  One was about 8 miles out which is pretty far off shore for a sea lion.  We also saw two pairs of common dolphins at about 4 miles.