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San Diego Whale Watching Report 3/13 – 3/19/14

March 13 – March 19

Date Morning Cruise Afternoon Cruise Notes
3/19/2014 5 gray whales 3 gray whales, 2 fin whales, 200 common dolphins AM: happy guests saw 5 gray whales among the blue water and clear weather.PM: 3 gray whales, 2 fin whales plus 200 common dolphins that played with us for about 45 minutes. Great day!
3/18/2014 Whale watching cancelled due to rough sea
3/17/2014 4 gray whales. 200 common dolphins 4 gray whales, 200 bottlenose dolphins, 400 common dolphins AM: 2 of the 4 gray whales played off the bow for 30 minutes. We stayed in neutral while the guests were treated to an amazing show, then another plus with 200 common dolphins as well. PM: we had an amazing experience with 4 gray whales that were back floating, thrashing around and mating. One of the best days of the season! Top it off with the 200 bottlenose out deep with the whales and 400 common dolphins in between.
3/16/2014 3 gray whales, 1,000 common dolphins, 1 minke 4 gray whales, 50 common dolphins AM: went out 6 miles with one single minke circling the boat for an hour. Lots of great views! PM: went out 2 miles northwest for the gray whales and 50 common dolphins. Good show for guests and were pleased.
3/15/2014 3 gray whales 1 fin whale AM: went out 12 miles to see the gray whales. Guests were pleased with the good showing and cool clear breeze. PM: went out 9 miles to see the fin whale that came close to the boat a couple of times. Overall, a good show with many compliments on the narration and whales.
3/14/2014 3 northbound gray whales, 1 fin whale, 200 common dolphins 4 northbound gray whales AM and PM: clear and calm skies made both trips great time for guests.
3/13/2014 6 gray whales, 2 fin whales, 50 bottlenose dolphins. 4 gray whales and 150 dolphins AM: guests on this the trip saw the 6 gray whales plus the fin whale and with the bottlenose dolphins, it was spectacular and weather clear and mild.
PM: one of the whales came right up to the boat to blow us a kiss. While we shut the motors down, he came right up to us to see what we were looking at. Our guests had an amazing experience. Fantastic day!!