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Gray Whale Visits Hornblower Whale Watching Boat

On 3/21/14 First Officer Grant Boardman caught a nice view of a juvenile gray whale as it approached Adventure Hornblower. The whale approached the crowded whale watching boat, checked out the guests, paused for pictures, and then swam along on its way north off the San Diego Coast. Gray whales are finishing their migration past San Diego in March on their way back to Alaska for summer! Photo by Grant Boardman.

Gray whales have the longest known migration of any mammal. They travel 10,000-12,000 miles round trip every year between their winter calving lagoons in the warm waters of Mexico and their summer feeding grounds in the cold Arctic seas. Thanks to its nearshore migration route, we can observe the gray along its journey. Journey North reports the migration and timing from these Observation Posts and more. Click on this map to follow the whale trail!

To see the Migration Trail Click here!