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Whale Watching Report 3/20-3/26/14

March 20– March 26, 2014

Date Morning Cruise Afternoon Cruise Notes
3/26/2014 *whalechecks minke whale, 4 gray whales AM: West winds all day, clear visibility with rough seas.* guest received whale checks PM: Amazing trip! minke whale breached 12 times right by the boat for all the guests to see plus 4 full size northbound gray whales.
3/25/2014 3 juvenile gray whales, 80-100 common dolphins 40-60 bottlenose dolphins AM: The Captain took guests out about 4 miles, a little cool and overcast all day our guests saw 3 juvenile gray whales with several breeching 4 times in a row very close to the boat plus 80-100 common dolphins coming to the boat. PM: Guests cruised with the Captain about 9 miles out to see 40-60 bottlenose dolphins riding the bow and wake waves. Awesome sight!
3/24/2014 5 gray whales, 25 bottlenose dolphins 4 gray whales AM: Under cool overcast skies our guests saw 5 gray whales and 25 bottlenose dolphins plus mola mola fish, which is a neat.PM: Afternoon trip included many 1st time whale watchers that mentioned they had a great time while they saw 4 fast moving gray whales with a lot of tail flukes.
3/23/2014 3 gray whales, 6 gray dolphins 2 humpback cow and calf, 20 risso dolphins AM: Trip was well under clear skies plus during some lite chop while guests saw 3 gray dolphins and 6 common dolphins. PM: The Crowd on this trip went wild with excitement when 1 humpback and her calf rubbed against the bow causing water to spray everyone in that area. However, the fun continued with breaches and simultaneous tail slaps, plus that is not all…. when coming back in 20 Rizzo dolphins were spotted.
3/22/2014 2 southbound gray whales 1 fin whale and 1 baby gray whale AM: Under clear skies our guests were able to see 2 southbound gray whales. PM: 1 Fin whale that appeared to be feeding in a big bait ball of krill. Must have been tasty! guests on this cruise saw 1 juvenile gray whale that came close to boat. What a treat!
3/21/2014 1 gray whale, 80 bottlenose dolphins 1 gray whale, 1 fin whale AM: Under clear calm seas our guests saw 1 gray whale and 80 bottlenose dolphins PM: With weather remaining the same, 1 gray whale was spotted, plus 1 fin whale up close!
3/20/2014 4 gray whales, 1 fin whale, 7 bottlenose dolphins, 2 mola mola fish 2 southbound gray whales, 2 juveniles, common dolphins, bottlenose AM: The Captain took our guests about 9 miles out to sea on a beautiful clear day our guests saw 4 gray whales and possible fin whale also with 7 bottlenose dolphins playing at the bow and 2 unique mola mola fish. PM: In the afternoon our Captain went out to about 4 miles with lots of activity delighting guests while they saw 2 southbound gray whales and 2 juvenile gray whales by the buoy. Lots of common dolphins, plus bottlenose dolphins, too.

*If whales are not sighted during your cruise you will receive a “whale check” good for another Hornblower Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure or Harbor Cruise