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San Diego Whale Watching Report through 4/2/14-Last month of Gray Whale Watching!

March 27– April 02

Date Morning Cruise Afternoon Cruise Notes
4/02/2014 *whalechecks *whalechecks In morning some rain then in afternoon cool and clear
4/01/2014 200+ common dolphins *whalechecks Two elusive minke whales were spotted plus 1 northbound gray whale in morning tripAfternoon trip was a very good show with 20-40 bottlenose dolphins in a feeding frenzy
3/31/2014 4 gray whales and 1500 common dolphins 3 gray whales Great show for both trips during rough seas
3/30/2014 1000 common dolphins. *whalechecks Cancelled due to rough seas Under warm clear light breeze the common dolphins gave a good show for our guests. Our guests gave lots of compliments on narration of migrating whales
3/29/2014 7 gray whales, 1 minke 3000 common dolphins Whales in the distance were spotted plus guest were treated to ever popular common dolphins show
3/28/2014 *whalechecks Fin whale, 50 bottlenose dolphins Sighting of a rare Fin Whale swimming around the boat for about 45-60 minutes. The Fin Whale was possibly a blue-fin hybrid juvenile. Fins and blue whales have been known to interbreed. We also saw 50 bottlenose dolphins swimming near the bow.
3/27/2014 *whalechecks *whalechecks Weather conditions in San Diego included rain and wind that causes rough sea conditions for whale watching. Our Captain made good effort to seek out the whales for our guests. Highlight was seeing about 30 false killer whales.The weather conditions remaining the same, guests did see 1 whale in distance and a good look at elephant seal plus 20 white sided dolphins on the trip out.


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Thank you to Janet Morris, Director of Volunteers from the Natural History Museum who leads the valiant effort to recruit and train the fantastic volunteer “whalers” who interact with our guest everyday on the Whale and Dolphin Watching Cruises. Visit theNat at

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*If whale are not sighted during cruise you will receive a “whale check” good for another Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure or Harbor Cruise