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San Diego Whale Watching Report for 4/3 – present


Whale Watching Report for April 3- April 10

Date Morning Cruise Afternoon Cruise Notes
4/10/2014 2 fin whales, 200 common dolphins *whalechecks During a cool and overcast morning the Captain cruised our about 9 miles viewing 2 fin whales and common dolphins.
4/09/2014 4 fin whales, 1 mom & calf gray whale, 200 common dolphins 2 gray whales, and 1 juvenile gray whale Great views all day with a mom and calf gray whale and about 200 common dolphins. Guests said they have lots of fun. The whale sightings were up close and personal with 2 juvenile and 2 adult gray whales.
04/08/2014 1 minke whales, 60 bottlenose dolphins, mother and calf gray whale 2 gray whales, 40-60 bottlenose dolphins The Captain took out our guest to the 9 mile bank for a peek at the elusive minke whale, and then a mother gray whale and her calf were seen at the kelp beds. Two juvenile gray whales then northwest 2 more gray whales were spotted plus bottlenose dolphins.
4/07/2014 1 minke, 30 bottlenose dolphins 2 gray whales, 200 dolphins The trip was extra special due to guests were able to see “Patches” the spotted dolphin that has been seen along the coast. Guests were thrilled and had wonderful views. Two gray whales came out to play, plus 2000 common dolphins.
4/06/2014 500 common dolphins 200 common dolphins The dolphins were the star of the show for the day with a total of 500 common dolphins. Guests gave many compliments on the narration.*whalechecks
04/05/2014 3 gray whales,800-100 common dolphins 40 bottlenose dolphins, 2500 common dolphins. Guests witnessed mating, rolling and breaching of 3 gray whales, plus many dolphins during clear weather. 2500 common dolphins came out and gave a great show with about 40 bottlenose dolphins in the mix.
04/04/2014 500 common dolphins 1 fin whale The total on the trips for the day included a Gray whale mom and her calf plus one fin whale and about 500 common dolphins