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San Diego Whale Watching 2014 Season


April 11- April 17

Date Morning Cruise Afternoon Cruise Notes
4/17/14 2 gray whales, 200 common dolphins No afternoon cruise Mom and Calf provided guests with a great view plus 200 common dolphins
4/16/14 2 gray whales, 300 common dolphins No afternoon cruise Guests were treated to Amazing morning cruise found a pod of 300 common dolphins and found a mother and calve fin whale that put on the best show.
4/14/14 2 fin whales, 500 common dolphins 2 gray whales Guest saw two fin whales and a pod of 500 common dolphins plus two grey whales (cow/calf) they put on a great show for the guests. A Humpback whale was seen a the entrance to the harbor.
4/13/14 *whalechecks 1 humpback, 200 common dolphins In calm seas during the day guests saw one humpback whale and 200 common dolphins.
4/12/14 2 fin whales,500 common dolphins 2 gray whales Guests saw 2 fin whales and a pod of 500 common dolphins, plus a mom and calf.
4/11/14 1 humpback whale, 50 bottlenose dolphins. 50 bottlenose dolphins Guests saw 100 common dolphins and a humpback whale feeding on an abundant supply of fish. On the way out 2 mola-mola fish were spotted as well as 25 bottlenose dolphin.

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*If whale are not sighted during cruise you will receive a “whale check” good for another Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure or Harbor Cruise