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Monthly Archives: January 2017

A Mixed Company of Whales and Dolphins

Pacific White-sided dolphins and Gray Whales

Pacific White-sided Dolphins interacting with Gray Whales

On a recent Hornblower Whale Watch trip, guests watched as a pair of Pacific White-sided dolphins played in front of a trio of Gray Whales. Many dolphin species, including Pacific White-sided Dolphins, are often seen interacting with their larger cousins, the baleen whales. The dolphins may be clustered in the same area following a bait ball of tiny, schooling fishes or riding in the pressure wave the larger whales make as they travel. This behavior of dolphins riding the pressure waves of whales and surfing ocean waves may even be why dolphins commonly ride the bow waves and stern wakes of boats today. Scientists believe that wave riding is a type of play behavior in dolphins. Whatever the reason, wave or wake riding dolphins are always tons of fun to watch.

The Newest Generation of Gray Whales

One of the highlights of the gray whale migration is watching mothers tend to their tiny, newborn calves as they travel south. As of January 26,  The American Cetacean Society’s Gray Whale Census has reported 40 newborn calves spotted so far this season along the Southern California Coast. The mothers and calves are traveling to one of…