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Patches the Offshore Bottlenose Dolphin is Back!

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Incredible day whaling on the Hornblower! Captain Ernesto headed west out of San Diego Bay to the 15 mile mark. We saw one big Blue Whale who was deep diving for krill, 10 Rizzo Dolphins, 300-400 Common Dolphins and 20 Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins. Among the Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins, we sighted the most famous Dolphin on the West Coast, “Patches!” He is a rare, black and white spotted dolphin. His unique coloration is a result of partial loss of pigmentation that causes Patches to have white, patchy discoloration on his skin. Patches was first sighted in San Diego in 2006. He loves to frolic with other dolphins and most certainly loves to entertain the guests aboard the Hornblower. Patches was last seen 3 years ago in San Diego waters. Patches and his dolphin friends, like to travel up the West Coast of California and sometimes visit Central America’s Pacific Ocean area. It is always a very special pleasure to see that Patches is alive and thriving in the Pacific Ocean and visiting our San Diego waters!

Report by Pam Stahlak, Photos by Captain Earnesto Coleman