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San Diego Whale Watching Report 2011-2012

Daily Log of our 2011-2012 San Diego Whale Watching Report


AM Cruise

PM Cruise

4/12/2012 200+ Common dolphins, 100+ Bottlenose dolphins 2 Fin whales, 3 Humpback whales
4/11/2012 3 Gray whales, 1000+ Common dolphins, 1 baby Humpback whale 4 Fin whales, 1 Gray whale
4/9/2012 6 Gray whales, 500 Common dolphins 2 Humpback whales
4/7/2012 3 adult Gray whales mating; 100 Bottlenose dolphins; 2 Humpback whales in the distance 2 Fin whales – 1 adult, 1 juvenile (juvenile  lunging); 1 Mola Mola; 200 Common dolphins; 200 Bottlenose dolphins
4/6/2012 100+ Bottlenose dolphins, Whale Checks issued to guests to cruise through next season 100+ Bottlenose dolphins, Whale Checks issued to guests to cruise through next season
4/5/2012 High seas, Whale Checks issued to guests to cruise through next season 2 Humpback whales and 30 Common dolphins
4/3/2012 No whales seen- Whale Checks issued to all guests to cruise through next season No whales seen- Whale Checks issued to all guests to cruise through next season
4/2/2012 1 Fin whale, 1 baby Gray whale 1 Fin whale, 25+ Common dolphins
3/29/2012 5 Gray whales about 5 miles west, 2 Fin whales
3/28/2012 1 Fin whale, 800 Common dolphins
3/27/2012 1 southbound Gray whale at kelp line, 100 Common dolphins 5 northbound Gray whales at bank, 50 Common dolphins
3/23/2012 4 Gray whales, 2 Fin whales, 1000 Common dolphins 4 Gray whales, 5000 Common dolphins
3/22/2012 5 Fin whales, 1 Gray, 2 dolphins 5 Gray whales
3/20/2012 1 Mother and calf Gray, 3 juvenile Grays, zigzagging, 1 Mola Mola 2 mating small Grays, we had a great 35 minutes observing them right next to the boat, 1 Bottlenose dolphin, 100 Common Dolphins
3/16/2012 3 Gray whales 4 Gray whales
3/15/2012 11 Grays, 150+ Common dolphins 18 Gray whales, 180 Common dolphins
3/14/2012 Mother and calf Gray whale 4 Grays and 3 Humpbacks
3/13/2012 10 Gray whales mating, dolphins two groups of Gray whales, both mom and calf combos for a total of 6 whales
3/12/2012 Fin whales Fin whales
3/11/2012 2 Minke whales, 3 Grays, 6 Bottlenose dolphins 3 Gray whales, 350+ Common dolphins, 3 Bottlenose
3/10/2012 2 Minke whales 2 Gray whales
3/9/2012 2 Fin whales, 30 Bottlenose dolphins, 50 Common dolphins 2 juvenile Grays, 1000+ Common dolphins, 10 Bottlenose
3/8/2012 7 Gray whales, 2-Minkies & 1-Fin. 2500+ Common Dolphins, 12-Bottle Nose, and 3-Molas 3 Gray whales & 25+ Common Dolphin
3/5/2012 2 fin whales and 30 Risso’s dolphins, about 500 common dolphins  1 Gray and 1 Fin whale
3/3/2012 2000 Common dolphins, and one mom and calf Gray whale Two Fin whales with a calf, 2000 dolphins again
3/2/2012 3 Gray whales, 1 Minke whale, 1 Fin whale, Bottlenose dolphins, Common dolphins 2 Gray whales, 30 Risso’s dolphins, Common dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins
3/1/2012 3 Gray whales, one other breaching in the distance. 200+ Commons, 4 bottlenose dolphins 500+ Common dolphins, brief views of pod of 4 Gray whales
2/29/2012 4 Grays, 150+ Common dolphins, 6 Bottlenose dolphins 2 Adult Gray whales, 1 Calf, 1 Bottlenose dolphin
2/26/2012 3 Gray whales, 1 Minke whale, 1 Fin whale, Bottlenose dolphins, Common dolphins 2 Gray whales, 30 Risso’s dolphins, Common dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins
2/25/2012 1 Gray, 2000 Common dolphins, 8 Bottlenose dolphins 3 Gray whales, 2500+ Common dolphins
2/24/2012 1 Minke whale, 1 Fin whale, 500+ Common dolphins 15+ Gray whales, 3 Fin whales, 2 Minke whales, 3000+ Common dolphins
2/21/2012 2 Gray whales, 500 dolphins 3 Fin whales, 500 dolphins
2/20/2012 2000 Common dolphins and 9 north bound Gray whales 2000 Common dolphins, and  14  northbound Gray whales
2/19/2012 2 Fin whales 1 Gray whale headed south, 1500+ Common dolphins
2/18/2012 2 Gray whales and 2 Fins 1000 Common dolphins
2/17/2012 2 Fin Whales, 500 Common dolphins, 6 Bottlenose dolphins, Sea Lions 4 Gray whales, 4 Bottlenose, Sea Lions
2/16/2012 2 Fin whales, 2000 Common dolphins
2/15/2012 5 Grays 1.5 miles north 1 Gray, 6 Risso’s dolphins
2/13/2012 4 Gray whales, 2 very briefly, then 2 more, that were hard to track, but worth the trip.
2/12/2012 3 Gray whales 4 Gray whales, mom and calf, 1 breach
2/9/2012 1 Gray whale, 6 Pacific White Sided dolphin 1 Gray whale, 4 Bottlenose dolphins, Sea Lions
2/7/2012 3 Fin whale + 2 Gray whale 2-Fins  6-Grays (4-Breaches) & 2 North Bound Grays!
2/6/2012 1 Gray whale, lots of Common dolphins (500+) 1 Fin whale, 1 Gray whale, 500+ Common dolphins
2/5/2012 4 Fin whales, 500 dolphins 2-Fins  6-Grays (4-Breaches) & 2 North Bound Grays!
2/4/2012 200 Commons, 1 Gray, 6 Bottlenose. 3 Grays, 6 Bottlenose, 50 Common
2/3/2012 9 Grays, two of them rolling and showing their flukes. Also a megapod of Common Dolphins, always a passenger favorite. two juvenile Gray whales that got caught between a Navy vessel and another  whale watching boat, one of them breached 8 times in a row! As Captain Bill suggested: to let them know: “I’m here, watch out!”
2/2/2012 5 Grays, 3500+ Common Dolphines, 150+ Risso Dolphins 8 Gray whales, 3 breaches
2/1/2012 9 Gray whales, 150 dolphins saw 4 Gray whales, lots of tail flukes, 300 common dolphin, great  show!
1/31/2012 Saw an amazing show from 3 Gray whales both morning and afternoon- spy hops, barrel rolls, the works! Dolphins both trips 4 Gray whales, 1000 Common dolphins
1/29/2012 5 Fin back whales, one Humpback, 100 Risso’s dolphins 1500 Common dolphin, 5 Fin whales
1/28/2012 7 Gray whales, 5 breaches in distance, 500 Common dolphin Gray whales, 500 commons, 10 Fin whales
1/27/2012 2 Gray whales first trip, 2000 Common dolphin 8 Gray whales, flukes, 5 breaches, 25 Common dolphin.
1/26/2012 4 Gray whales, 1 breach 15 whales, a few dolphins, one breach. Guests had a
great day!
1/25/2012 5 Gray whales that breached 3 times up close! 2 Fin whales, fair views, Sea Lions! Pod of 2 Gray whales,  2 breaches. 5 more Grays with flukes, Sea Lions.
1/24/2012 6 Fin whales, 5 Gray whales, 1 Humpback whale– 3 breaches and 5 tail slaps! 4 Fin whales, 12 Gray whales, 6 Pacific White Sided dolphins, 2 Mola-Mola
1/22/2012 5 Risso’s dolphins, and another group of 12 Risso’s this afternoon that stayed right by the boat for the better part of an hour! 11 adult Grays going south today, and an exceptional show by a group of 9-10 adolescents and juveniles going North. We were about 2 1/2 miles out and followed this group of small,apparently young whales. They stayed really close to each other, and near the surface. The larger ones in the group fluked now and then- but did not stay down long. The smaller ones snorkeled close to the surface – which helped so we could see the small blows! We also 5 Common dolphins, and a Mola Mola! 15-Grays & (9-Grays North Bound) 3.8 miles west of Point Loma,  Followed north bound whales for
1.5 hours.
1/21/2012 6 adult Grays, 1 juvenile.  One adult had half of his fluke missing, he seemed to
be swimming with difficulty.
12 adult Grays and we could see lots of blows in the distance towards Mexico.
1/20/2012 We found 6 Gray whales . Several whales were engaged in mating. There was one whale that actually breached. Several guests saw a sea otter that was hanging out on the kelp. There was also a pod of 20 Risso’s dolphin. 9 Gray whales traveling in groups of 2 and 3 whales. We had great flukes and some mating behavior.  We also saw 20 Common dolphin. Great fantastic day!
1/19/2012 1 Bottlenose dolphin in Bay, 500 Common dolphins, South  to border following 5 different Gray whales, lots of flukes 500 Common dolphins, south to border around 7 different Grays, off Point Loma scattered pods of Fin Whales, total of around 15 Fins, up close views of 4.
1/18/2012 6 Gray whales, 500 Common dolphins, Sea Lions
1/17/2012 7 Gray whales, no dolphins 14 Gray whales, 1 Gray calf feeding!
1/16/2012 4 Gray whales
1/15/2012 had fun! WW1 we saw 7 Gray whales and Common dolphin with Pacific White Sided Dolphins we had 3 Gray whales and great tail flukes. dolphins as well
1/14/2012 9 adult Gray whales and one juvenile right next to the boat 4 adult Gray whales, 1 cow and calf pair
1/13/2012 Had a blast!!! first trip we saw 6 Gray whales and 200 dolphin Pod of 6 Gray whales, 9 total…200 dolphins
1/12/2012 4 adult Gray whales going south. About 12 Bottlenose dolphins in the Bay. About 12 Common dolphins. What an exciting, plentiful day! For a long time we had one whale on the port side, and one on the starboard side; the whales took turns blowing and showing their flukes, so no matter which side you were on, you had something to watch. Captain Eric even saw a Spyhop! Saw 5 southbound adult Gray. Lots of tail flukes and THREE SPYHOPS from the same whale. 4 Bottlenose dolphins in the Bay and 12-15 Common dolphin bow riding.
1/9/2012 Clear 60 degrees, perfect day for whaling! They saw 12 Gray whales.Brown Pelicans, See Lions and gulls were seen Clear 70 degrees, perfect day for whaling
Gray Whales : 4
We followed 1 Gray whale that was extremely small. We thought it was a yearling that decided to migrate with the older whales. It was on its own, but descriptions sounded like the small one the whalers saw on Jan 6. As far as Dolphins we saw 5 Bottlenose dolphins in the bay as we were outbound. Brown Pelicans, See Lions and gulls were seen.
1/8/2012 11 adult Gray whales (and some blows off in the distance). 1500 Common Dolphins. 2 Bottlenose dolphins inside the entrance of the bay. 6 Gray whales
1/7/2012 Two Gray whales southbound, then pod of 6 or so Gray whales, surrounded by other pods of 2. 10-12 Grays total.  Two more on the way in. Pod of 2 southbound, then a better pod outside. a few singles in the area.  Bottlenose dolphins riding the bow for a long time in the bay. 2  Breaches in afternoon
1/6/2012 1 Gray whale and followed it …It was a very small grey maybe born late in the season. It was very small and alone! As far as Dolphins we could have seen 30-50 common dolphins.
Brown Pelicans, See Lions and gulls were seen
We saw 3 Gray whales…
It seems the whale we were following actually changed direction abruptly to avoid the sub.
As far as Dolphins we could have seen 70-200 common dolphins.
Brown Pelicans, Sea Lions and gulls were seen.
1/5/2012 A huge pod of Common Dolphins  (500, or more) both on the way out and on the way back, A total of 8 Gray Whales, seen singly or two together. One breach seen by people in the stearn of the boat. That same whale, or a different one, breached twice in a row right in front of the boat. Towards the very end a fishing boat radioed Captain Bill about a whale that was breaching, and identified it as a Humpback Whale. By the time we got there, we just saw spouts and a tailfluke, but clearly saw that it was a Humpback with the typical dorsal fin. Quite unusual for this time of year, and so close to the Bay. 3 Gray Whales travelling close together; later two of them stayed in one place, rolling over, displaying courtship behavior. (No actual mating observed.)Two more Gray Whales, for a total of 5We again saw (the same?) huge pod of Common Dolphins, bow riding and leaping in the air, sometimes four of them simultaneously.
1/3/2012 Weather: Foggy, Blustery, Once they were out and the fog blew away, they saw 1 Gray whale which they followed. As far as Dolphins we could have seen 50-100 common dolphins. Brown Pelicans, See Lions and gulls were seen Weather: Sunny, Blustery…A great day for whaling. Gray Whales : 7 or 8. We followed 3 whales that were traveling together. It seemed like 2 males chasing a 3rd female. The were bumping into one another and rolling over. These 3  also  spy hopped together … As far as Dolphins we could have seen 400-500 common dolphins. The dolphins were very interested in the whales today. Brown Pelicans, See Lions and gulls were seen.
1/2/2012 19 Gray whales-1000 Common dolphins! The morning trip began in heavy fog, but when the fog lifted we were surrounded by whales. 6 right in front of us, several behind us, 14 whales in all, giving our guests the best show ever. We had a mom and calf pair  then another pair, but the best was a single that breached right by our port side. Over 1000 Common dolphins came to play with us. A wonderful start to the new year!
12/31/2011 Two southbound adults, very visible, good show.  Then two more of the same, then two more, then a single. 30-40 White Sided dolphins, then 300-400 Common dolphins later Foggy again, then a slight clearing to find two adults, then 300 or so Common dolphins
12/30/2011 4 Gray whales side by side, great show! Lots of dolphins 8 Gray whales
12/29/2011 2 Gray whales, 1 showed it’s flukes several times. Another Gray was seen in distance
12/28/2011 7 Southbound Gray whales, 1 cow/calf pair. 200 Common dolphins! 7 Southbound Gray whales, 1 cow/calf pair
12/27/2011 6 Gray whales, 400 Common dolphins 11Gray whales and 100 Common dolphins
12/26/2011 5 adult Gray whales heading south Saw Gray whales and 200 Common dolphins
12/25/2011 Fabulous day for whales, with 7 adults, 2 breaches and lots of tail flukes 10 whales, mating and 500 Common dolphins. Saw a feeding frenzy that crew had not witnessed before. Also saw sea lions, pelicans, gulls, cormorants.
12/24/2011 7 Gray whales,200 Common dolphins & a Mola Mola Fluking adult, mother and calf, couple of helper whales, plus several in distance.
12/23/2011 5 Gray whales, 200 Common dolphins 10 adult grays and one calf, the calf and mother gave guests great views
12/22/2011 10 Gray whales,500 Common dolphins Gray whales with perfect visibility
12/21/2011 1 Gray whale, 1000+ Common dolphins 8 Gray whales that breached 5 times! 250+ Common dolphins
12/20/2011 Smooth conditions, 2 Gray whales- Sea Lions on the return trip! Smooth conditions, 2 Gray whales- Sea Lions on the return trip!
12/19/2011 Saw 2 Gray whales, huge pod of 2,000 Common dolphins
12/18/2011  Mother and calf Gray whale, barely a spout. Saw 300+ Common dolphins
12/17/2011 Saw about 1000 Common dolphins Saw 2 Gray whales, 1 close and two off a little further out. About 1,000 dolphins
12/16/2011 2.5 miles offshore, saw a single Gray whale- gave a great show! Lots of dolphins 4 miles South, single Gray whale, lots of tail flukes. Dolphins!
12/15/2011 The morning we had two great beautiful Gray whales that stayed with us, and gave our guests great viewing, also several hundred Common dolphins The afternoon was spectacular, we had 6 Gray whales, 4 very close, and two in the distance. One whale we were following did a full breach.  We also have  about  1000  common dolphins.  The morning trip was along the kelp line by Point Loma the afternoon trip took us southbound
12/14/2011 2 Gray whales, large pod of Common dolphins, 3 Bottlenose dolphins in the Bay 1 Gray whale mother with probably newborn calf. Captain Joe spotted them not because of a spout – they hardly blew at all – but because they left very distinct fluke prints.
As of yesterday, 12/13, the ACS – LA Census in Palos Verdes had not yet listed a mother-calf pair, so this is a first for the season!
… a few Common Dolphins
12/13/2011 Southbound 1 adult Gray 50 Common dolphins
12/12/2011 2 Southboung adult Gray whales, 2 Common dolphins, 2 Bottlenose dolphins Awesome weather, saw a pregnant female Gray whale who stayed by the boat the whole afternoon. Gave the guests a thrill!
12/11/2011 2 Southbound Gray whales and 150 dolphins 150 Common dolphins
12/10/2011 First trip of the season! 300-400 scattered Commondolphins all day