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Learn about Blue Whales! Links to Blue Whale Facts!


  • Blue Whale, American Cetacean Society
    American Cetacean Society

    Discover fascinating facts about blue whales including size, feeding habits, distribution, and status.

  • Blue Whale, National Geographic…/bluewh

    National Geographic Society

    Learn all you wanted to know about blue whales with pictures, videos, photos, facts, and news from National Geographic.

  • Blue Whale, NOAA Fisheries

    NOAA Fisheries/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

    Find out blue whale information on size and description, distribution, status, and conservation.

  • Blue Whale, DOSITS

    Discovery of Sound in the Sea

    What do blue whales sound like? Visit DOSITS website to hear recordings of several blue whale vocalizations.

  • Blue Whale, The Marine Mammal Center

    The Marine Mammal Center

    Learn natural history information about blue whales and even listen to a blue whale recording.

  • Blue Whale, Oregon State University

    Oregon State University, Whale Telemetry Group

    Discover where the largest population of blue whales travel along the Eastern Pacific Coast. Site includes an overview of research on tracking blue whales and links to research papers.

  • Blue whale – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Blue whales were abundant in nearly all the oceans on Earth until the beginning of the twentieth century. …… The Guinness Book of Animal Facts and Feats. p.

  • WWF – Blue whale › … › The Species

    World Wildlife Fund for Nature

    The blue whale is the largest animal ever known to have existed. … Key FactsBlue whales have row of 300- 400 baleen plates on each side of the mouth,  ..

    Links for Kids:

  • Blue Whales, Enchanted Learning

    Enchanted Learning

    A kid-friendly page with drawings, images, sounds, and all kinds of facts about blue whales.

  • Animals: Blue Whale, National Geographic Kids

    National Geographic Kids

    A blue whale page just for kids with fun facts, infographics, videos, and photos of the largest animal in the world.

  • The Kid’s Times: Blue Whale

    Kids can discover all kinds of facts about blue whales including what they eat, how big they get, and where they live.